In the Details



The best April Fool’s Day joke I ever played
was the year I called my mother and told her
I’d gotten married over spring break
at the Elvis Chapel of Love in Graceland.

She was pissed.

Not so much that I’d gotten married,
but that I’d gotten married without her.
The Elvis theme.  The guitar shaped pool
at the hotel.  Chili Cheese fries for dinner.

None of that mattered.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t believe
anything I say.  I’m just saying that I once
had a boyfriend who offered to finance my poker career,
because of my ability to keep a straight face.

Now he was a good liar, but horrible at cards.

I will do everything I can to protect you
from my feelings.  My disappointment.
I’m horrible at remembering jokes.
But so good at finding things to make you laugh.


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